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Platform Summary

Orion Multi-Trader (OMT) has been designed from the ground up to appeal to, first and foremost, traders. Whether you use charts, watchlists, option chains, or ladders, trading is never more than one click away. OMT is easily customized to suit your individual trading style and workflow. Designed from the ground up to support multiple asset classes, you can trade equities and futures at the same time on a single platform.

Trading – Whether you are an active day trader, a swing trader or a trend follower, you will find OMT has an intuitive interface that can align with your trading style. OMT supports powerful order types like trailing stops, OCO’s and break-out orders that help you manage risk and lock in profits. Trade directly from anywhere in the application.

Advanced Charting – OMT allows you to fully customize your charts and directly trade using our powerful order capabilities. OMT supports unlimited charting with a comprehensive set of indicators and drawing tools and allows you to create your own color schemes and templates. You can link charts to quotes and ladders as well as set alerts.

Customization – Every component of OMT has its own set of preferences that allows you to align your workspaces with your trading workflow. Maintain multiple live workspaces for your different trading needs.

Analytics – Track your portfolio in real-time with OMT’s real-time analytics. Monitor the risk in your portfolio by tracking option Greeks with OMT’s Portfolio Analyzer. Create custom layouts for trading and monitoring multiple accounts including balances, orders, positions and strategies.

Trading Systems – You can automate your trading with out-of-the-box trading systems. Set your parameters and go – no programming required. After you have set up your system, use OMT’s paper trading mode to validate it before putting money at risk. When you’re ready, launch your system with a single click and monitor it using OMT’s strategy tracker.

  • Monthly Platform Fee

  • Routing Fee
  • Orion MT (Rithmic)

  • $25

    per month

  • $0.50 per contract*
  • Orion MT (CQG)

  • $65

    per month

  • $0.30 per contract**


*There is a monthly minimum routing fee of $20 over Rithmic’s infrastructure. Please inquire with your broker about other data feed choices and order routing options.

**This include one CME L1 feed and includes CQG Routing Fees. Please inquire with your broker about other data feed choices and order routing options.

Orion also offers special subscriptions for high-volume traders.

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