Platform Summary

Trade Navigator provides a variety of customizable charting and technical analytical features for traders of different levels. Using both the customizable charts and ladders allows traders to track trades and strategies both graphically and statistically at the same time. Every edition of Trade Navigator comes with over 100 indicators, studies, highlights bars, templates and pages to help get traders started. TradeSense, a proprietary code, enables traders to develop strategies using simple English-like statements and recognizable trading terms.

Backtesting with TradeSense – TradeSense uses English and simple math symbols to allow for easy implementation of strategies. It offers the flexibility to create rules and strategies with custom alerts and automated trading capabilities.

Seasonal Trends – Trading based on Seasonal Trends is made easy with Trade Navigator. Having the ability to know when markets normally turn is a big advantage. View the current active trend in comparison to the overall trends, giving users the information they need.

Option Chain – The Option Chain is the central location from which all other options windows are accessed and serves as the primary window for viewing options at available strike prices and for order creation, editing and cancellation. Create custom calculations of inputs for underlying price, volatility, dividends and interest rates with just a few clicks. With a highly customizable display, easily add or remove the information displayed in the available columns, including calls, puts and custom calculations and more.

Instant Replay – Instant Replay is a perfect tool to hone trading skills. Users can relive a trading day at their leisure giving them the insight to identify patterns and indicator turns to make the right decision when it happens the next time live. Select a market or take a challenge and let the software pick a random market. In moments users can view those historical movements over days, weeks or even longer.

  • Platform Fee

  • Routing Fee*Routing Fee*
  • Trade Navigator

  • As low as


    per month

  • Routing Fee*$0.30 per contract
  • Trade Navigator Gold

  • One time fee


  • Routing Fee*$0.30 per contract
  • Trade Navigator Platinum

  • One time fee


  • Routing Fee*$0.30 per contract


*Routing fees are per contract, per side

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