Platform Summary

Barchart Trader is a market data and trading platform built for the  professional trader,  yet is easy-to-use and learn for a trader  at any level . Barchart Trader has the flexibility you demand with extensive customization features, multiple monitor support, choice of themes as well as  a wide range of analytical tools. With Barchart Trader’s integrated futures trading, you can route orders directly  using the CQG/Continuum  market gateways  while taking advantage of advanced  features like DOM, Chart Trader and Trading from the Quote Board.

Charting – With an interactive charting tool that offers advanced features, users can easily switch between different chart types, change time periods and add from over 50 technical studies with a dozen drawing tools. Users can also turn on Chart Trader which allows trading directly from a chart, plotting the positions and stops.

Portfolio Manager – The Portfolio Manager is a streamlined account, position and order history management tool. The Portfolio Manager provides details on account balances and margin requirements, as well as current open positions with realized and unrealized profit and loss. In addition, users will find hot keys for reversing or closing out positions. Users can also export their trading activity from the Portfolio Manager.

DOM Trader – The DOM trader gives users the ability to trade directly from the order book. They can place market orders, limit orders and stops while monitoring for volume traded at various price levels.

Quoteboards – Barchart Trader provides the ability to quickly load pre-configured quoteboards for markets like grains, energy, metals and indices, saving time in entering symbols. Users can then quickly modify the fields they want displayed and rearrange columns by clicking and dragging their mouse.

  • Monthly Platform Fee

  • Routing Fee* over CQGRouting Fee* over CQG
  • Barchart Trader

  • $129

    per month

  • Routing Fee* over CQG$0.15 per contract
  • BarChart Trader E-mini

  • $79

    per month

  • Routing Fee* over CQG$0.15 per contract
  • BarChart Mobile

  • Included with platform

  • Routing Fee* over CQG$0.15 per contract


*Routing fees are per contract, per side.


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