CQG Charting APIs

The CQG Charting API allows users to register studies, conditions, and chart types in CQG Integrated Client. CQG manages enablement control and billing. Standard languages are available for development aside from the CQG Toolbox.

CQG Enterprise API

Enterprise API solutions allow customers to power their platforms with industry-leading streaming quotes and access powerful trading gateways.  Continuum Connect is a data and trading enterprise API offered via an ASP model. Power your application with streaming quotes and access trading gateways. Take advantage of pre-trade risk capabilities. Continuum Connect offers low latency connectivity to over seventy-five sources for market data and to more than forty exchanges for order routing.

CQG Integrated Client API

The CQG Integrated Client API is geared toward customers interested in enhancing their own trusted set of trading tools with CQG’s data feed and order routing services. It helps traders’ powerful tools become even more effective. The CQG API can be used for Microsoft Excel models, external analytics, automated trading and third-party applications.