Platform Summary

eSignal is an all-in-one solution that feature global market screeners, award-winning charting tools, lightning-fast market data, portfolio back-testing and direct market access accessible from a single, easy-to-use trading platform.

Market Screeners – eSignal’s Market Screener Plus+ offers both technical and fundamental scans. The comprehensive stock screening tool with scanning technology that allows users to scan global exchanges for real time trading opportunities that fit the criteria they choose for almost infinite scan combinations. Get started with a preset library of scans or customize your own scans to discover new trading opportunities.

Advanced Charting – A variety of chart types, chart intervals (OnDemand limited to intraday, minute bars), technical studies, drawing tools, alerts and trading integration functionality offer a high degree of customizability. And now, Performance Charts allow users to easily compare the relative strength of multiple symbols. Chart types that come standard with eSignal include Candlestick, Bar, Line, Histogram and Area.

Alert Ticker – Users can receive alerts on any of the issues in their portfolio and charts via email, smart phone or desktop through audio or visual (pop-up) and on prices, drawing tools and studies – so they can act immediately on profit-making opportunities. An alert ticker window captures many triggered alerts and centralizes them in one, easy-to-access area, providing numerous filters to see important alerts.

Backtesting – The user-friendly backtesting tools let users see how their market strategies might have performed had they made trades using them, making it easy for them to dissect them, measure them in relation to time and evaluate them for consistency. Bar replay allows users to step through the trading day bar by bar to assess strategies and adjust accordingly.

  • Monthly Platform Fee

  • Routing Fee*Routing Fee*
  • eSignal on Demand1

  • $45

    per month

  • Routing Fee*$0.20 per contract
  • eSignal Premier

  • $145

    per month

  • Routing Fee*$0.20 per contract
  • eSignal Premier Plus

  • $215

    per month

  • Routing Fee*$0.20 per contract
  • eSignal Advanced GET2

  • $295

    per month

  • Routing Fee*$0.20 per contract


Delayed futures available. 

Trader must first subscribe to one of the eSignal platforms

*Routing fees are per contract, per side

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