Trading Platforms

High Ridge Futures provides the platforms, pricing, execution, data and support that active traders demand in order to  successfully implement their respective day or position trading strategies

Platform – The platforms we offer  to day traders provide access to major U.S. and Overseas futures markets.

Pricing – For clients who actively day trade through High Ridge Futures we are able to provide very competitive pricing across the various asset classes.

Execution – We offer very low latency for rapid execution of electronic orders and we support various types of orders including some unique order types that provide for potential price improvement.

Data – Our primary day trading platforms provide clients with cost effective,  real-time market data (streaming level 1 and level 2 data) on a non-throttled basis  regardless of whether the client is deemed a professional or non-professional user of market data.

Support – High Ridge Futures is keenly focused on providing the highest possible level of customer service to our valued clients.

Barchart Trader

This advanced market data and trading platform is built with professional features and data, as well as ease-of-use. Barchart Trader ensures flexibility with customization features, multiple monitor support and a wide range of features. And you can route orders directly through High Ridge for direct connectivity to dozens of exchanges with ultra-latency execution.

BarChart Mobile

Barchart Trader, with market data, charting, news, analytics, research and trading, is also available on Android, iPhone and iPad. Never miss another trade opportunity when you are on the go. The mobile apps let you stay connected with real-time streaming market data, news, analytics and trading capability.

CQG Trader

CQG Trader is a high-performance market data and electronic trading application for traders who do not require technical analysis tools. CQG Trader provides Order Ticket or DOMTrader®, Quote Board, and the Orders and Reports window. Traders can take advantage of this powerful application to view market activity, place orders, and track orders and positions.

CQG QTrader

CQG QTrader provides powerful trading tools and technical analysis features to trade and monitor the markets. It combines advanced analytics, charts, and multiple trade execution interfaces in one comprehensive solution for professional traders. CQG QTrader offers many of the same features available in CQG Integrated Client.

CQG Integrated Client

CQG Integrated Client has earned a solid reputation through decades of reliable performance, providing traders with an innovative trading interface complete with accurate global market data, professional charting and analytical tools, quote displays and advanced order routing. As CQG’s flagship product, the platform includes innovative trading interfaces for electronic trading and order management.


CQG M is a HTML5 based mobile app that delivers advanced market data, order management, and electronic trading on phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. CQG M allows traders to see advanced market data and execute orders on the go. Built on CQG’s robust cloud infrastructure, CQG M has all of the data quality, coverage, and reliability that global traders have come to expect.

OAK Desktop

OAK Desktop was designed with the professional trader in mind. New benefits include option boards, Depth of Market and a highly flexible user interface.

Oak Web

The OAK System offers a “One Screen Solution”, providing customers the ability to route orders to any connected exchange. OAK Web offers easy web based access, alleviating the headaches associated with running third-party software, such as downloading, installation, ongoing maintenance and system re-configurations.


eSignal is an all-in-one solution that feature global market screeners, award winning charting tools, lightning fast market data, portfolio backtesting and direct market access accessible from a single, easy-to-use trading platform.

MarketDelta Trader

MarketDelta Trader is a free trading platform, utilizing the latest in technology and fast order execution. The easy to use platform offers single click order entry, cancels, and drag and drop order amends for quick trading. It is best known for its integrated Footprint Chart, which provides price transparency and volume at price information. MarketDelta Trader comes standard with bracket orders, making it easy to manage orders and risk.

MarketDelta Cloud

MarketDelta Cloud is a first of its kind SaaS (software-as-a-service) trading solution for futures traders. It offers a full trading and charting experience common in desktop software, but with all the conveniences and access provided by a modern cloud based trading solution.


MultiCharts is a complete trading software platform for professionals. It comes with high definition charting, dynamic portfolio-level strategy backtesting, EasyLanguage support, interactive performance reporting, genetic optimization, market scanner, data replay and 300+ strategies and indicators.


APEX is a futures trading application that combines comprehensive, fast and flexible order entry/order management with charting and analytics, real-time quotes and news. Order entry is pervasive throughout APEX. From virtually any screen, users can enter and manage orders and fills. Integrated paper trading allows users to learn to use the interface and practice trading strategies. With the click of a button, users can toggle between paper and live trading.

T4 Desktop

T4 Desktop, from Cunningham Trading Systems, offers real-time quotes, one-click trading, multiple order types, a built in charting package, real-time news and economic indicator feeds, and much more to traders. Full functionality and customization allow all users to create a trading screen that fits their own trading style. All T4 products have access to historical trade information, performance charts, session data and audit trails.

T4 WebTrader

T4 WebTrader is a browser based trading system that provides real-time market access. T4 WebTrader provides traders all the standard functionality they need, such as account details, Order Book, Market Depth screen and Quote Board. T4 WebTrader gives users an easy-to-use interface, real-time order submission, and a back-end that offers extreme reliability. T4 WebTrader makes a convenient secondary screen to professional traders who use T4 Desktop as their primary trading application. All T4 products have access to historical trade information, performance charts, session data and audit trails.

Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. It has an uncomplicated interface that can handle the most demanding applications. Known for its stable, open, and highly customizable design, Sierra Chart provides a wealth of functionality.

Trade Navigator

Trade Navigator provides a variety of customizable charting and technical analytical features for traders of different levels. Using both the customizable charts and ladders allows traders to track trades and strategies both graphically and statistically at the same time. Every edition of Trade Navigator comes with over 100 indicators, studies, highlights bars, templates and pages to help get traders started. TradeSense, a proprietary code, enables traders to develop strategies using simple English-like statements and recognizable trading terms.

TT Standard

With TT Standard, simultaneously trade multiple markets from one fully customizable screen with superior speed, stability and accuracy. Single-click order execution and the patented MD Trader® ladder coupled with tools for automated trading, charting and more give traders the edge for optimal trading performance.