Platform Summary

MultiCharts is a complete trading software platform for professionals. It comes with high-definition charting, dynamic portfolio-level strategy backtesting, EasyLanguage support, interactive performance reporting, genetic optimization, market scanner, data replay and 300+ strategies and indicators.

Complete Charting – Multi timeframe analysis, fast response time, complete interactivity with everything you see – all at your fingertips.

Portfolio Backtesting – Dynamic portfolio backtesting is capable of applying a strategy to many symbols on a bar-by-bar basis, determining which trade is the optimal one at any given time. It can be an invaluable tool during technical analysis and strategy development.

EasyLanguage Support – EasyLanguage has been in development for over 20 years, so it has one of the largest libraries of trading ideas already implemented. In addition to hundreds of studies that come with MultiCharts, traders can create their own, change existing ones or import any EL code that they can find.

Interactive Performance Reporting – The performance report has more than 200 performance measures, including various metrics, ratios and interactive performance charts. The report can also monitor real-time trading, since it recalculates on every new order that has been placed.

Market Scanner – Traders can instantly sort up to 5,000 instruments to find ones that meet a certain criteria, apply indicators to alert themselves when a condition occurs, and open charts of the necessary symbols for a more detailed look.

  • 3 Month Subscription

  • 6 Month Subscription

    6 Month Subscription

  • 1 Year Subscription

    1 Year Subscription

  • Lifetime Subscription

    Lifetime Subscription

  • Routing Fee*Routing Fee*
  • MultiCharts

  • $297

  • 6 Month Subscription

  • 1 Year Subscription

  • Lifetime Subscription

  • Routing Fee*$0.30 per contract


*Routing fees are per contract, per side

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