Open an Account

 Supplemental Forms

Account Transfer Form 
Instructions to Transfer Account

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney for Managed Accounts

Revoke Power of Attorney
Remove/Revoke Power of Attorney

Beneficial Owner Form
Needed for Entity Accounts

Sub-Account Request Form
Creating a Sub-account within an Account

Owner Identification Supplement
All Legal Entities Must Complete

Controller Identification Supplement
All Self-Directed Legal Entities

Proprietary Funds Acknowledgement Letter
Needed for LLC Entities and Partnership Accounts

Proprietary Funds Acknowledgement Letter for Individual/Joint Account
Needed for Individuals Whose Occupation or Nature of Business is Financial or Investment

Corporate Resolution
Authorization for Designated Persons to Sign & Open a Corporate Futures Account

Limited Liability Company Authorization
Authorization for Designated Persons to Sign & Open a LLC Futures Account

Partnership Authorization
Authorization for Designated Persons to Sign & Open a Partnership Futures Account

DBA Representation Letter
“Doing Business As” Form

DBA Representation Letter for a Joint Account
Doing Business As Form for a Joint Account

Address Change Form
Form for Notifying High Ridge of an Address Change

Security Agreement Termination
Terminating a Security Agreement

Custodial Account Agreement
Custodial Agreement for Minors

EFRP Statement
Exchange For Related Positions Acknowledgement Form

Security Hedge Agreement Form
Security Agreement & Assignment

Hedge Acknowledgement Form
Acknowledgement of Futures Products Used for Hedging

Foreign Tax Form (W-8BEN)
Certificate of Foreign Status for US Taxes

Instructions for Form W-8BEN
Instructions for Foreign Tax Form W-8BEN

Foreign Legal Entities Tax Form (W-8BEN-E)
Tax Form for Foreign Legal Entities Only

W-9 Form
Tax Form for US Persons/Entities

Statements by Email
Receive Customer Statements and Information by Email

Trust Indemnification
Form Required if Authorization to Trade Futures is not Included in a Trust Agreement

Risk Disclosure
Disclosure Statement

Privacy Policy Notice
How ADMIS Safeguards Your Information