Executive Team

Michael Doherty
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Doherty is a Principal and Chief Executive Officer of High Ridge Futures. Michael has been with High Ridge since its formation in 2014 working in the Compliance Department. Prior to High Ridge, Michael served as Chief Compliance Officer for Vision Financial Markets LLC, the formerly registered FCM, for the period of 1992 to 2014. After graduating from the University of Illinois 1981 with a degree in accounting, Michael worked for Arthur Andersen as a staff auditor and then the National Futures Association (“NFA”). While at the NFA, Michael supervised audits, investigations, and financial reviews of NFA member firms. Mr. Doherty holds FINRA Licenses 3 and 30.
John Felag
Chief Risk Officer
John Felag is High Ridge’s Chief Risk Officer and is located in the Stamford, Connecticut Office.  Prior to joining High Ridge Mr. Felag was a principal of Vision where he joined the firm in 2006 as its Chief Risk Officer.  Mr. Felag is responsible for risk management for both customer and proprietary trading activities.  Prior to joining Vision Mr. Felag was a Treasury Manager for BNP Paribas Securities from 1996 to 2006, where he was responsible for managing over thirty bank accounts, both foreign and domestic, as well as managing the collateral needed to meet the various exchange margin requirements.   From June 1988 to November 1995, Mr. Felag was the Clearing Manager and Operations Manager for Chemical Futures and Options Inc.   Mr. Felag received his B.S. in Quantitative Business Analysis from Pennsylvania State University.  Mr. Felag is a member of both the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) and the Treasury Management Association of New England (TMANE).  He also holds the AFP designation of Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and the following FINRA Licenses:  Series 3, 4, 7, 15, 24, 55 & 63.
Howard M. Rothman
Howard Rothman is High Ridge’s Managing Member, he joined Vision Financial Markets LLC (“Vision”), an affiliate company in January 1988 and has assumed many roles while at Vision and for its affiliates, over the years. Mr. Rothman is currently a principal of Vision, as its President and a Managing Member and is primarily located in its headquarters in Stamford, CT. He is also the President and general securities, options and financial principal of Vision Brokerage Services LLC, a U.S. broker/dealer.  Mr. Rothman received his B.S. degree in Accounting from New York University in 1983 and holds the following FINRA licenses: Series 3 4, 7, 22, 24, 27, 39, 56, 63 & 65.
Robert Boshnack
Robert Boshnack is High Ridge’s Managing Member, and primarily works from its New York, NY office. Mr. Boshnack manages the futures customer sales and development, managed futures relationships, and introducing broker business. Mr. Boshnack received his B.A. from Queens College in 1969 and a M.S.  from Queens College in 1971. Mr. Boshnack holds the following FINRA licensees: Series 3 & 30.
Scott Raymond
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Raymond is High Ridge’s Chief Financial Officer and is located in the Stamford, Connecticut Office. Prior to High Ridge he joined Vision in June of 1993 as its Chief Financial Officer.  Mr. Raymond is responsible for Vision’s financial accounting and reporting.  Mr. Raymond received his degree in accounting from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and holds the following FINRA license:  Series 3.

Information regarding High Ridge’s business, including information with respect to its principals and executive officers, and filed with the NFA through the Form 7R, is available through the NFA website.